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    We help businesses figure out the exact problem they solve and then market it using Facebook/Instagram ads to the right people


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    Hi! I'm Hattie


    I'm the lead marketer and social strategist for Funstans Marketing. I help businesses get new customers through the power of email funnels and targeted facebook ad campaigns!

    I've run three of my own businesses, was the leader of the Toronto West Rising Tide Society Chapter and went to university for marketing management.


    Entrepreneurship runs in my blood, from my great grandfather, who was a watchmaker, to my grandfather, and both my parents. Now I want to help other entrepreneurs so they can get back to living life! Less work, more life.

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    Hey, I'm Tristan


    I'm the copywriter and SEO expert for Funstans Marketing. When I'm not helping businesses rank on the first page of google you can find me home brewing a new IPA, hiking in upstate New York in the Adirondack mountains or camping in Northern Temagami.


    From archeologist turned co-founder of a tech startup to digital marketer, life is pretty fast-paced.


    The philosophy I live by in life is, "by endurance we conquer."

  • We help you figure out what exact problem you're solving and then market it to the right customers using Facebook & Instagram ads.

    We help ambitious biz owners get more leads and attract new clients

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    Facebook Ads

    Starting at $2100

    E-commerce and service based businesses

    Cold and Warm leads, retargeting ad campaigns. Monthly retainers.

    Sales Funnels

    Starting at $1300

    Automatic welcome email funnel
    6 part email series

    Abandoned Cart email sequence

    Ads in a Day

    Starting at $1400

    One time fee. One day. Perfect for clients who want ads done quickly and efficiently all in one day!
    Retargeting and list building ads set up.

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    Starting at $2100

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    Change Coach

    I was confident having Hattie work on {ads manager} with my business and having her guide me in the right direction. I've felt so comfortable asking for feedback. It has been a really professional and mutually respectful relationship. I signed up for Facebook Ads to expand my business reach and increase my subscribers. Hattie is really setting me and setting my business up for success way beyond her role and what was in the project scope. Hattie is very clear, concise and timely. I always feel like I'm her only client, but I know that I'm not. It's pretty amazing to get that customer service. It's not just about Hattie getting a pay cheque at the end of the day. What I'm learning is helping me grow and scale my business in the long term. It's a short term investment but a long term gain. Hattie wants you to be successful at the end of the day. I've gotten way more then what I signed up for. It's been such a positive experience. She will over deliver what you expect!"

    Erin Schut

    Wedding Photographer

    Working with Funstans Marketing was such a huge load off. Marketing is very time consuming and can be confusing as well. Hattie worked with me to create an email sales funnel to engage with potential clients. She also worked on a full cold and warm lead ad campaign that kept my branding in mind.


    Her expertise was evident throughout the entire process and I felt as though I inadvertently learned so much just by the work she did. She thinks of things to engage with people that I never would have and helped me take advantage of things I was already doing to help them stretch further.


    She went above and beyond with her service, troubleshooting different issues that arose, answering questions and being so generous with her time all while being a new mom. You will never regret hiring Funstans Digital Marketing. The time saved and the confidence gained is invaluable


    Nurture Retreat

    Hattie's actionable advice she gifted us with has transformed my relationship with social media - something I previously felt a bit overwhelmed by. What do I do? How often should I post? How do I connect with those I wish to connect with? Hattie offers answers to these questions and best of all teaches you all about the things you didn't know you didn't know.

    Each of these nuggets of wisdom is shared with her characteristic warmth, generosity and no-nonsense charm. She's not afraid to say what's not working, but does it with sensitivity and simultaneously gets you excited about where these small alterations to your feed can get you closer to representing your business like you truly want to.

    The rewards continue to stream in via a continuous increase in followers and follower engagement and a cohesive feel and look to my feed.

    Emilia Farrace

    Simply Elaborate Web Design

    I was looking for someone to take over my Instagram feed planning and implementation and when I found Hattie {from FUNSTANS MARKETING} didn't know what I was in for. Not only does Hattie go through all my services, clients and portfolio items monthly without me having to tell her, she conveniently creates mock ups for me that match my brand, creates captions that match our brand's voice - and most importantly, she engages with my online social community to start conversations and generate interest for my business.

    Her experience, attitude, and dedication
    has saved me countless hours each month. One of the highlights of our time together was when I was able to go on a month-long hiatus from my business, and HATS OFF held down the social media fort - and we received over 8 forms filled in on our website setting up consultations for when I was back from my honeymoon. It was such a relief to come home to potential sales in my inbox - and I didn't have to do anything.

    Carissa McCaig

    Fashion designer

    I have taken Hattie's Instagram and [email] Newsletter course and both times it was like chatting with your SUPER knowledgeable best friend about how to use these platforms to your companies advantage. I love how she isn't constantly trying to push us to sell, her philosophy is always first to connect with your customers on a deeper [level]. I would highly recommend any of her courses.

    Elizabeth Nord

    Wedding Photographer

    When I took Hattie’s email marketing workshop, I knew nothing about setting up an email list. She helped me learn my way around mailchimp, gave me awesome ideas for email subject lines that capture interest, and so much more. I took SO many notes and couldn’t wait to start implementing them

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    Customers don't buy a blender, they buy a cocktail party. They don't buy a 3 inch drill, they buy the 3 inch holes in the wall.

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