• You know you need an email funnel... but how do you start?


    LIVE TRAINING | Email 📩 Funnel Webinar

    Thursday May 28th, 2020 @ 5pm

  • What's an email funnel?

    You've heard of email funnels and you know you need an email funnel....

    but how do you even start? Where do you begin? Are they expensive? What type of content goes into an email funnel?


    Don't worry! I'm taking you behind the scenes and showing you how one of our clients made an extra $5,500 since implementing her email funnel.


    Hattie will show you behind the scenes of @funstans email account and give you the secret 6 part series for email funnels @funstans uses!

    How will an email funnel help your business?

    An email funnel allows you to grow, nurture, and build a relationship with a potential customer.

    • A visitor lands on your website
    • The visitor opts-in to become a subscriber (through a quiz, lead magnet, free download, offer, percentage off) 
    • Then the visitor proceeds to get emailed automatically the 'funnel' you've set up in your email marketing platform
    •  After the funnel, they will be "wowed" with your emails and trust your brand
    • They purchase from your business!


    Email funnels are a great way to earn extra revenue automatically. It's nice to wake up to sales in the morning and have something working on the back end of your business automatically.

    How will this LIVE TRAINING help my business?

    Will this webinar actually give me actionable tips to use?

    Or is it another 'fluff' webinar?

    No! I promise this is not a fluff webinar. I'm going to show you my exact steps in this LIVE TRAINING! I shared with a mini mastermind behind the scenes of @funstans for 10 minutes and the women were raving about our process!

    "Hattie just on the fly shared her screen with us and answered all our funnel questions. The way she teaches made it so easy to follow!" - T


    "In 5 minutes I learned more about email funnels then I ever knew while Hattie shared her screen with us" - A

    Hattie helped one of their Funstans Marketing clients gain an extra $5,500 in sales through the email funnel

    In this no fluff LIVE TRAINING which you will...

    • View Behind the Scenes of a funnel
    • Learn about forms to get customers on your list
    • How to attract new subscribers
    • 6 part welcome email funnel series
    • Ideas for each email

    Do you hear yourself saying any of these?

    Hattie's goal for afterward the webinar is for you to be able to implement and build an automatic email funnel that works automatically behind the scenes of your business, to earn you extra revenue!

  • Meet your host!


    Hi, I'm Hattie

    Hattie is the lead strategist for Funstans Marketing. Hattie is a FB/IG ad strategist, creator and implementor. She's the creator of classes like the virtual 5-day FB ads classroom.


    Hattie was one of the OG of MailChimp back in 2003 for a jewelry business she started when she was 15 years old. Even back then she knew the power of email marketing. Once she learned about funnels, she knew this was the secret to making money and sales while she slept!


    Hattie has owned her own business since she was 15 years old. Entrepreneurship runs in her bloodline, from her great grandfather to her grandfather to both her parents. Hattie is enthusiastic, light-hearted and honestly just really wants every business owner to succeed! There is enough room for everyone in the entrepreneur world!

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