• What does the week look like?

    9-10am LOG IN TO ZOOM

    • Lesson
    • Q + A, In real-time troubleshooting


    •  implement the lesson learned (Highly encouraged but optional)

    Who is this class for?

    Any business owner or entrepreneur who wants to grow their customer base and make more sales!


    Hattie specializes in ad strategy when it comes to email list building so you can get in front of MORE eyeballs and retargeting ads to your existing customers. This helps you stay front of mind!


    If you run an e-commerce shop or service-based industry that is ready to attract more leads this class is for you.

    How is this different than a pre-recorded course?

    This is a LIVE class and lesson. Sometimes with video courses, we never open up the videos or workbooks if we have to do it ourselves.


    The benefit of this classroom is access to Hattie, a Facebook ads strategist to pick her brain! To hire Hattie or her team starts at $1800 per month, this is over 10 hours of troubleshooting in real-time for $449 (early bird of $339)

    When are the live Q+A sessions?

    Every single day! Raise your hand in Zoom, or type in the chat for every single lesson while I'm teaching. This is a virtual classroom so questions in real-time are encouraged! Ads manager is confusing and overwhelming. Hattie genuinely wants to help you navigate through ads manager easily and smoothly.

  • Will the lessons be recorded if I can't make a class?

    Yes! Hattie will be recording the lessons on zoom and will post in the slack group after the lesson.


    It's recommended you attend the lessons in real-time to soak up all the goodness and ask your questions in real-time.

    Will Hattie be helping us brainstorm the ads?

    Absolutely! That's the beauty of this class. You have access to Hattie for 10 hours! During the LIVE lessons, you can ask questions and during the homework sprints, you can ask her to help you troubleshoot your ideas!


    Hattie is a whiz at creations and coming up with "outside of the box" ideas to help you stand out from your competition!

    What is a homework sprint?

    It's where we all work together on the homework in the afternoon on a Zoom call!


    I've been to so many courses over the years that are DIY and to be honest the courses are so packed with useful information but sometimes I forget to implement the lessons learned and actually DO THE WORK from the course.


    This class is different. We'll implement in the afternoon everything we learned in the lesson that morning so you have the afternoon work sprint to get it done so you're ready to launch your two days on Friday!

    Are seats limited in the class?

    Yes! This classroom is limited to 15 seats. Hattie needs to keep the class size small and cozy so she can troubleshoot, brainstorm, and answer all your business questions.


    The goal is to get your ads launched on Friday and help your business thrive! We are keeping it intimate so everyone can communicate in the SLACK channel and on zoom!

  • What kind of results can I expect?

    You'll be leaving the class with two ads that every single business owner should be running to grow their business.


    The first ad will be to grow your followers your email subscribers to attract new customers outside your network.


    The second ad will be a retargeting ad campaign. Anyone that interacts with your Instagram page OR lands on a specific page on your website will be shown your produce or service offer!

    Is this a good class for beginners?

    Yes! This is the perfect class for beginners and people who want to attract new leads outside their current network.


    It's for businesses who want to grow and non-techie entrepreneurs who find FB ads manager overwhelming and not intuitive. Hattie will walk you through ads manager and setting up campaigns, ad sets, and ads in real-time so you can ask all your questions!

    Where do the lessons take place?

    A special Zoom Room! The LIVE lessons and the Homework Sprints will take place on Zoom every day.


    We will have a specific SLACK workplace set up for this round of classroom students. You can ask questions, show your ad copy, and receive feedback from Hattie and the group!

    Will you be offering this again?

    Yes! We hope to offer this again, but with Hattie's demanding high level 1:1 clients we're not sure when it will be offered again. So please if you've ever wanted to invest in yourself and tour business to grow with a digital ad strategy, take the leap and do it this round!

  • Will you let us know what kind of images we should be using with ads?

    Absolutely! We go through everything to set up and launch your ads by the end of the week! From the copy. the headline, the imagery, the video script (if you opt for video), and the graphics!


    That's why this class is so great to have access to Hattie's brain!

    Do you teach how to write captions that our customers will read?

    Yes! We go through how to write engaging copy and headlines in the lessons.


    This class is to set you up so you can launch and publish your two ads ( an email list building ad or increasing followers ad and a retargeting ad!) by Friday afternoon!

    Do you offer equitable access?

    Yes! I offer a FREE seat in each session to a solopreneur from an underrepresented group; Black, Indigenous or Person of Colour.

    I believe it is both valuable and accurate to say that as a white, mixed-class, able-bodied, thin-privileged person with cis and hetero passing privileges: I can always DO BETTER.

    One way that I can do better is to offer this free spot in my 5-Day Classroom. If you are a BIPOC please email me and we'll get you a seat in the class! Want to help us offer more spots? Get in touch to donate.

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