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    Every other Thursday we hang out for 30-minutes and talk about HOT TOPICS.

    Facebook Chat Bots

    Gran your coffee and get ready to hear all about how Chat Bots can sky rocket your sales.

    Thursday November 5, 11AM (EST)

    What is a Chat Bot?

    It is a messaging software that uses AI to converse with people.

    Bots are programmed to understand questions, provide answers, and execute tasks. From a customer's perspective, they're a friendly and accessible time-saver.

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    The Power of the Pixel

    Bring your waffles and learn about why you should be using the Facebook pixel.

    Learn why the Facebook Pixel is so rad.​


    Why you need a pixel even if you're not running ads.



    Thursday September 17, 11-11:30AM

    What is a pixel?

    • A small piece of code that goes on your website 
    • The pixel can bring back website visitors, or find new people who will likely make a purchase or become a lead.

    Even if you're not running ads right now...

    Your future self will thank you for collecting the data.

    Grow Your Email List

    Bring your lattes and learn about how to grow your list using a lead magnet or freebie.

    Thursday September 24, 11-11:30AM (EST)

    What is a Lead Magnet or a Freebie?

    • A free product you give to your audience in exchange for their email address.
    • An easy and great way to grow your email list and expand your subscribers.

    Even if you haven't built your list yet your future self will thank you for learning this now.

    Learn why having a lead magnet will grow your email list.​


    Why it's great to have multiple lead magnets.


    Brainstorm your ideas in with me!

    Email Funnels

    Bring your funnel cakes 😉 and learn all about why you should be using funnels in your email marketing.

    Learn why email funnel are so important to you customers.


    How to set-up a funnel to make your life easier.

    Thursday October 1, 11-11:30AM (EST)

    What is an Email Funnel?

    • A representation of how a subscriber goes from prospective lead to a customer through educational and promotional email communications.
    • Usually an automated process.

    Even if you're not using email to make sales, your future self will thank you for learning this now.

    Get your shop holiday ready with FB Ads

    Bring your yogurt parfait and learn all about how to get your shop ready for the holiday season using paid ads.

    Learn how to reach your intended audience.


    Learn why running ads during the holiday season is SO important.

    Thursday October 15, 11-11:30AM (EST)

    Is your online shop ready for the holiday season?


    Do you know how to optimize your ads to skyrocket your holiday sales?

    Online sales are going to be HUGE this year - don't miss out on your chance to make some serious sales this holiday season.

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