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Why you shouldn't have two separate instagram accounts (personal vs. business)

Here's 5 reasons why you should only have 1 account if you only own 1 business...

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Humans crave human connection.

If you don't own two businesses, why have two accounts? It's way more work for you (and business owners already wear SO many hats) and you'll lose half the followers. Here's why you shouldn't have two separate instagram accounts for your business. If you have a personal and a business account, my biggest advice would be to amalgamate and just have one account. Humans crave human connection. Instagram is NOT suppose to be a gallery or shop of your work. It's meant to be a social platform and as business owners we have to remember to be social, share our lives, make friends, and every now and then sprinkle in our business services or products. It's about building connection and relationships.

why you shouldn't have two separate instagram accounts if you're a business owner

Do you own 2 businesses?

I can totally get behind if you own two businesses to have different Instagram accounts. I own three businesses so I own three accounts. One is for my lifestyle stock photography business @lilygraceimages, another is for our digital marketing business @funstans and the last is for all three, more of a lifestyle one (used to be my former jewelry business) @hattitudejewels. All three of these businesses have different market segments. I'm targeting different clients on the accounts. Therefore it was important that I have separate followers, and separate curated content for each account. For @hattitudejewels, the followers like seeing my life, they crave fashion and lifestyle posts. For @funstans, it's a lot of business owners, they crave seeing our life sprinkled in with helpful educational tips for marketing in the digital world. For @lilygraceimages the followers are busy modern entrepreneurs who need more time in their lives.

flat lay image by lilygraceimages stock photo of hand holding phone taking a picture

You're going to lose followers...

Some business I know, for example some photographers I know will have two separate accounts, one is for personal and one is for business. They encourage people to follow both... but my question is, if you're posting more personal and interesting things on your 2nd account, why would a past bride or couple who's not currently using your services keep following your business account? They won't. They'll unfollow your business account, and eventually they won't be reminded of your services to be able to recommend you. You have to sprinkle in your life and be social in between your 'sales hook' posts.

You need to give people a reason to keep following you.

You should have personal posts, new blog posts, life updates, informational posts, educational posts, hobby posts and sales hook posts sprinkled into your feed. Why? So people have a reason to KEEP following you even after they've used your product or service. Why is this important? So they'll recommend you to their friends. Why is this awesome? Because word of mouth is still and will probably always be, the BEST form of advertising there is.

Word of mouth referrals

Organic searches on google, instagram hashtags, facebook ads, sales funnels, they're all great... but it's nothing compared to the power of the word of mouth referrals. That's why it's so important to keep your past clients and customers engaged with your posts by telling stories, being vulnerable, being relatable so they'll remember you when their friend asks about that product or service and they'll recommend you.

lion opening his mouth referring clients by word of mouth referrals

So let me ask you...

Will you consider amalgamating the two accounts? Instagram by definition is a "fun and social place for friends to share their lives through a series of images". Don't be the brand that ONLY posts photos of their products or services. Be the brand that's human, that's approachable, that your followers trust and go to for advice. Be educational, be informative, be inspiring and entertaining!

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