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Why you need to include ALT tags in ALL your blog posts

For SEO purposes and to help you rank on the first page of google

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No SEO strategy?

If you don't have a strategy when blogging, you won't have good SEO. This is why you need to include ALT tags in ALL your blog posts to help rank on the first page of google. If you're a business owner blogging away hoping to get organic searches and to rank on the first page of google without a strategy, and without knowing a little about SEO (search engine optimization) you're not going to get very many hits to your website and your blogs will probably just sit there, unread, unopened, unviewed.

Why you need to include ALT tags in ALL your blog posts, digital markerting funstans from toronto, canada

What is SEO?

SEO is search engine optimization, basically it's google trying to figure out which blog post is the most helpful for their customer (aka the person typing into the google box). So when you're writing your blog posts, don't think like a business owner, think like a google customer. What would they type into google? In fact I will often go right to the source, and type into google and see what appears. ALT tag falls under search engine optimization.

why you should be ALT tagging everything when you write a blog post, google search image

This will give you a great idea on what to write in your blog post. Usually 300-500 words is the perfect amount for google to be impressed. I'm also probably going to refer to google as a person from here on out 😉. Once you've written your stellar content rich with SEO, with bullet points, headers, etc you'll want to add images.

NO more then 10 images per post

Once you're starting to add images, you'll need to remind yourself to not put in more then 10 images. Anything else and google will think the web page is slow, slow to load, and we all know humans now a days have a 6 second attention span. We can't wait for images to load. google is always thinking of their end consumer. They're always thinking of their customers who are searching. The slower the web page to load, the lower you'll rank in the searching.

Did you ever wonder how the photos appeared under the image search?

ALT text needs to be added to your images. This helps google place your photos in the image section of when someone googles it. For example if you're a wedding photographer and a bride googles Steam Whistle wedding, you will want to have some of your ALT tags contain Steam Whistle wedding. Bonus points the more descriptive you can make your ALT tags. ALT tags help google and the visually impaired read or hear what the image is all about. Google is super smart, but it's not smart enough to photo recognize everything in an image (yet) so we have to help it out and be super description in our ALT tags.

google image search steam whistle wedding, ALT tag, digital marketers in toronto

ALT tag check list

  • Add descriptive ALT tags to all images
  • make sure you're thinking of google users (hearing impaired) when doing ALT tags
  • describe exactly what's in the image for ALT tag
  • the more descriptive the better, google will "thank you" and place you higher in the searches
  • don't go over 125 characters for ALT tags
  • example for @lilygraceimages ALT tag below "mustard chair with books piled on top, with props, white candles, lemons in bowl, fur rug by lilygrace lifestyle stock images"
mustard chair with books piled on top, with props, white candles, lemons in bowl, fur rug  by lilygrace lifestyle stock images

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