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Why not having 10,000 followers on Instagram is OKAY

I don't have a K beside my followers and I'm totally cool with it!

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Why it's okay not to have a K beside your instagram count

I'm going to tell you exactly why not having 10,000 followers on Instagram is okay and why I'm happy about it! Here's 3 reasons why it's totally cool to be "K-less".

What does the K mean beside Insta followers?

The K is a fancy way of saying thousand beside someone's insta account followers. If you've ever wondered what does the K mean beside insta followers, now you know! It's a way of us valuing our worth as a business and it's silly.

What's really important is engagement

What's really important is the engagement of a brand. If you look at someone's feed and they have 100,000 followers but they have less then 1000 likes on their photos, that's less then 1% engagement rate. Engagement is the number one thing to rate someone's "worth" on instagram. But then again I hate using that term because as business owners we are so much more then just a collection of likes and follower counts, but that's another blog post for another day.

How do you measure engagement?

Wondering how the heck you even measure engagement? You can either use this handy tool @phlanx or simply do the following # of likes divided by # of followers give your the engagement rate.

  • engaged followers = engaged customers = more sales
  • an engagement rate for brands with over 1000 followers should fall between 2-4%
  • if you have less then 1000 followers an engagement rate of 10-20% is great
  • insta stories usually have a higher engagement rate then feed posts
  • 10% engagement rate on insta stories is great

My personal engagement rate

engagement rate for @hattitudejewels, how to find your engagement rate on instagram

It's also important not to be tied to this end result. I checked this last fall and my engagement rate was 4.5% and average number of likes was 150. Don't be tied to numbers, because a few "poor quality" posts can throw off this number. Always be listening to what type of content your customers are relating too. After all you want to support and nurture them.

@Funstans engagement rate

how to check your engagement rate on instagram

I'm sitting nicely inbetween the engagement range for each of the recommended target zones.

  • >1000 followers 2-4%
  • <1000 followers 10-20%

Start tracking your content instead

Look at your last nine images on your feed and the last few stories you've done (head the archive section on instagram for this). What had the least amount of engagement, eye balls on it, or likes and comments? What was the content about? Is there a connection between the other low engagement images and stories? Or was it a fluke or the time of day you posted? If there's a pattern emerging, you're followers are not liking the content you're producing. Take a survey. Ask them. What do they like seeing. Listen to them and start showing up more with that type of content to serve your customers best.

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