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What you need to know before you launch a facebook ad campaign

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Confused about ads manager? So were we!

Are you confused at ads manager these days? Especially since they changed the lay out again? Change is always a little confusing (even if facebook means for it to be better for us marketers).

Once upon a time we were confused too, but we took some courses, experimented (A LOT!) and learned some amazing techniques from tons of different marketing experts. We then combined everything we learned and practised for our own unique strategy that we know implement with your clients years later. Of course we're always learning still (learning is the key to success) so we put together this hand checklist to help you make sure you're checking everything off BEFORE you launch your ads.

image of facebook ads manager checklist for before you launch or start an ad

Check the list... twice

First and foremost, make sure your facebook pixel is installed in your website. If you don't have it installed, it's a nifty little code that you place on your website that gives you SO much analytical data on your web pages, where your visitors are landing AND it gives you the power to target certain pages and people with ad campaigns.

facebook ads checklist before you launch a facebook or instagram ad in ads manager

Custom Audiences

Do you target based on interests? Do you target people based on their engagement with your social accounts? What abut the facebook pixel tracker? Do you target people who have visited certain pages of your website?

different types of custom audience creations in facebook ads manager

Just the beginning...

We took forever on this topic! but blog posts rank the best for SEO (search engine optimization) when they're between 350-1000 words with 3-10 images loaded with ALT tags.

Download the Ads Checklist

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