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The number one thing your instagram profile NEEDS

Hint * it's not your location (although it needs that too!)

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The 4 things we all know profile's need...

We all know the 4 things your profile is suppose to have

  • location
  • picture of yourself (not your logo, you're so much more then your logo) people like to buy from people they like
  • rotating URL link depending on blog post promoting or product selling or freebie giveaway
  • your NAME (this might seem obvious, but you'd be suprised
BUT this is not the most important thing that your instagram profile needs to have.

The number one thing your instagram profile needs is...

It needs to re-iterate the problem you solve for your customers. NOT the product. People buy the solution to the problem, not the product itself. Take some time to brainstorm all the problems your product solves. Write them down on a piece of paper. Then come up with a killer line for your instagram profile.

Examples of Instagram profiles

If you're an entrepreneur... what's the problem you solve...

  • An artist? Don't just put "water colour artist"... think of the problem you solve?
  • Are you a artist specializing in nature? Maybe you bring nature inside the living room of people. "Creating watercolour art by bringing nature inside".
  • Jewellery bridal designer? "Not your grandmother's pearls. Wedding jewelry for the unique bride"
  • an online clothing store? instead of saying "we sell clothes" maybe the problem you solve is that it's super annoying leaving your house in the cold weather and the mall NEVER has anything unique or one of a kind.
  • Instead you could say something like "shop from the comfort of your home. unique products you can't find at the mall".  
  • Wedding planner? What is at the heart of your business? What problem are you really trying to solve? What problem are you helping your couples? Maybe it's that couple can never truly have a nice experience on their wedding day looking after all the details, so you take care of all the details so they don't have to. "I'll be your sober best friend, relax and enjoy on your wedding day" "For the hopelessy romantic couples who just want to have fun on their wedding day."
  • Bridal boutique? Maybe your target market is on a budget? Maybe they're super nature, down to earth and love to travel "Bespoke creations that won't break the bank so you have $ left over for the honey🌙" or maybe you're an upscale boutique that specializes in classic designs so she'll never go out of style "Gowns for brides who are as timeless as their love story"
  • Dentist? What problem are you really solving? Yes we get that you clean teeth. But why is that beneficial to us? Go one step further. Keeping teeth in your head so you can keep eating? Not wearing dentures when you're 80? Taking care of mouth oral so you can kiss and talk without breathing bad breath on people? Maybe say something on your profile like "Taking the fear and bad breath away one dental chair at a time" "oral hygiene so you can keep your teeth even in your 90's"  or just for fun because you want to attract all the cool kids who love the office, "making people as happy about their clean teeth as Stanley hudson on pretzel day"

@funstans instagram profile

As digital marketers, our clients biggest problems are attracting new leads to purchase their products. Every business wants more customers! Our @funstans profile says "We attract new leads through the power of FB ads and sales funnels". Then we have our freebie linked below for people to sign up for our email list. We're telling our clients exactly what problem we solve... getting new leads!

the number one thing your instagram profile needs

Still need more help?

If you need more help narrowing down, I hear ya... it took some major brainstorming to really hone in on what problem @funstans was solving, and this is our job! Figuring stuff out like this. We actually used this handy dandy workbook. Tristan is a copy writer so thankfully I had him in our back pocket. So if you're still stuck on what problem you're solving AND you want an interesting and catchy way to say it, this 4 page workbook might be the solution for you. The best part is this workbook will not only help you with your instagram profile, it'll help you with your website tag lines, and guess what... your one sentence elevator pitch. With this workbook we've created called STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD workbook- Figuring out the problem that you solve for your clients and learning a clever way to say it.

digital work book to help entrepreneurs find the problem they solve

Click below to get your hands on the 7 page workbook

  • page 1 intro
  • page 2 table of contents
  • page 2 worksheet
  • page 3 worksheet
  • page 4 written examples based on 15 industries
  • page 5 examples of Instagram profiles
  • page 6 examples of Instagram profiles
  • page 7 closing thank you
the number one things your instagram profile needs

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