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How to Make Sure Your Copy is Creating Effective Marketing

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Good marketing always starts and ends with effective wording. It’s quite common to see successful marketing campaigns that only required a few powerful words, strung together in just the right way. So does your marketing speak to the true essence of what your customers want or need to know? I always loved the tagline “Because so much is riding on your tires” by Michelin tires. In very few words it communicates the crucial importance tires serve your family. They keep your car safe, and therefore you and your family. Here are some tips to get you thinking about how to make sure your copy is creating effective marketing.

Tips to get you thinking about your copy

Get Your Communication Clear and Concise

Funstans Marketing was started by my wife Hattie and myself with a vision of telling brand stories. We love the challenge of showing the world what unique problem your business solves, and how you do it so well. We have 15 years’ experience in the marketing world between the two of us, and we are still learning so much! With so much psychology involved with marketing, you need to understand how to persuade through so many different mediums. But at the heart of them all, is how you word things. So...

Knowing Your Business is Good, But Knowing What Your Customer Needs to Know About Your Business is What Leads To Great Marketing!

Why does Funstans marketing offer a copywriting package? Because how you communicate to your customers is obviously important, but many businesses are too close to really know how to effectively get the right message across. This is important when crafting copy for your business’s Facebook/Instagram ad campaigns. The following examples are the back of the labels of two different wine bottles. Both fictional brand stories should help make our point about effective copywriting more clear.


Example 1:

Our full-bodied cabernet sauvignon is made with only the finest quality grapes grown in the famous grape growing region of Niagara. Once you experience our unique blend you'll be asking yourself when the next long weekend is coming up. Our wine is best shared with friends, complimenting red meats, pasta, or seafood dishes.

Let's Break This Down

Don't say things your customer has come to expect of the industry over the years!!! Of course you're using the finest quality grapes. Do you know who else is? Everyone else in the wine world. Who will admit they use OK or NOT SO GOOD grapes?

So why not make this your chance to set your brand apart from others with something that makes them feel your brand. Also pointing out that wine will be enjoyed with friends is usually stating a given. And giving a food pairing is a nice touch, but has also become overdone these days in the alcoholic beverage industry.


Example 2:

The Tremblay family has been making wine for generations in the Bordeaux region of France. They know the secret to making great wines, and they want you to be in on the secret! Whether you're sitting candlelight for a romantic dinner or sitting next to a bonfire on your next canoe trip, Tremblay wines are well-suited for nearly all occasions. The French love Tremblay wines and Canadians do too, they just don’t know it yet!

Your Job is to Make the Audience Feel the Story

People enjoying hearing interesting stories, learning why someone had the dream to do what they’re doing, and why this product is simply the best for them in particular. Create a sense of intrigue, tension, something that makes a potential customer say “WOW I need to try this!”

Effective copy should make your target market feel that if they pass on your product or service they’re likely missing out on something potentially great.

That’s why saying “The French love Tremblay wines, and Canadians do too, they just don’t know it yet!” can be so effective. It relays the idea that you can trust the quality since the knowledgeable French connoisseurs of wine like it. It also has the confidence to tell you that you will like it, but in a funny and cheeky way that comes off funny not cocky. Also, a memorable tagline is a great way to seal the deal. Potential customers will remember your tagline if it’s effective! So make sure you refine it to be exactly what you think they should feel when they encounter your brand again.

The path to effective copywriting is simple, but requires you to dig a bit deeper than the surface. Understand your product/service, understand your customers, understand your competition, and then keep these points in mind:

  1. Don’t state overly obvious points, or things that should be a given in your industry. Your wine better have the best grapes! So don’t bother wasting the time you have with your audience on something they hear all the time.

  2. Focus on something that sets YOUR BRAND APART FROM ALL THE OTHERS. When you have your audience's attention, you’ll either fall into the pack with your competition because you say similar things as they do. Or your brand will stand out, because you created intrigue, tension, a sense of “I have to try that!”

  3. Sometimes less is more. Great tag-lines are effective because they are able to be remembered by your audience and they leave them with a tremendous understanding of why they need your brand. The longer your message, the easier it is to forget it, or even misunderstand it. Attention spans are like Summer. You think they’ll never end, but they are always shorter than you think!

  4. Be confident and clear with your message. When you do, your customers are more likely to trust making the purchase.

Need Help?

Sometimes we are too close to our product/service that we struggle to communicate it's core value to the customer. That's why marketers exist! Here at Funstans Marketing we help ambitious business owners with their message. We help you figure out how to express the problem you solve for your customers, and the unique way you're doing it. Contact us if you want help making sure your message lands correctly with your target market. hattie {at}

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