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How to create interesting and entertaining content for Instagram

if you own a business, get it noticed!

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Make your message clear!

You want to know how to get your business noticed on Instagram? How to create interesting and entertaining content for Instagram? Let’s start with the most important thing you can do! One of the big names in marketing over the last few decades, Terry O’Reilly, put it best when he said the key to marketing is that the clearest pitch is usually the most successful.

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Businesses need a way to communicate their value to a consumer or investor in the shortest time possible

If you don’t know who Terry O’Reilly is, he does a great radio show on CBC radio called Under the Influence. The show features great anecdotes and industry tricks, tips, and how-to’s. It is absolutely the most fun you will ever have while learning! He recounts listeners with many of the interesting tales from the marketing world. And if you listen to his program you will notice he has mastered the art of getting the message across. He also authored some great books on the topic of effective marketing as well.


"Persuasion is an art." - Terry O'Reilly

In one episode he also goes on to talk about how elevator pitches are so successful because businesses need a way to communicate their value to a consumer or investor in the shortest time possible. So with this knowledge, always make sure Instagram posts are saying something that helps reiterate your value. Think of Instagram as a place you can workshop your elevator pitch with each post or insta story. Try getting the message across as clearly and simply as possible.

Too many businesses have cryptic and confusing messages

Sometimes businesses don’t even seem to convey a message at all. O’Reilly tells the story of how WIRED magazine attracted investors with a simple, yet highly effective, pitch. WIRED “was going to feel like a magazine mailed back from the future.” Doesn’t that just tell the consumer all they need to know, and so quickly! Click here to listen to the whole episode of Under the Influence.

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Don’t do the same ‘sales’ post over and over again

Once you’ve found your brand voice, and begun conveying your value through your messages where do you go from there? Start to think about the variety of things people like to see. If all your posts are sells and sales hooks your followers will grow tired of following of you. You need to be helpful, entertaining, and inspiring. This may sound overwhelming and complicated but it’s easier than you think. Helpful is providing content that empowers your followers with your value add, without the sell driving them away.

People are curious by nature

Entertaining is maybe a bit more challenging, but remember people are curious by nature, so let them into your world. Too many clients of mine say “well, my life and business aren’t interesting enough to feature on social media!” Trust me, it is! People are so much more inclined to buy from a business that they feel a personal attachment to. And there is no way to form a personal attachment with your consumers better than showing them the personality behind the business. Feature yourself, your hands, your face, your life. These types of posts and stories perform extremely well and have the highest engagement rate. This leads into our next showstoppers; insta stories...

Video is king and it should be part of your 2019 marketing strategy

I know this is where most people respond with “but videos make me nervous!” Well, time to push your the boundaries of your comfort zone. Too many Instagram feature lifeless, static posts where the viewer is left asking "what am I looking at?" Introduce yourself, what's new and exciting with you, what are you looking forward to, all these things will captivate your audience better than a simple post. If you need a bit of boost download our 17 page FREE Insta stories guide here. It’s a challenge that will take you through 7 days of content that will help you increase your confidence in front of the camera, learn how to increase engagement and how to use stickers, gifs and geo location tagging effectively. Think of it as your "creative juicer" to get the fun ideas flowing!

Practise helps increase your confidence on insta stories

I probably post a dozen or so videos to my Instagram (@HattitudeJewels, @Funstans) and I can say without a doubt I was nervous at the beginning too. Practise makes it way easier. Also, your first video might come out poorly. Watch it, learn from it, and next time be conscious of how you can improve the things you didn't like. It can be uncomfortable, but growth usually comes with discomfort in any area of life right? This is also coming from a girl who took drama in school. It just takes small steps. Make the first few attempts short videos. Then practice, practice, practice. Only way to get better and more comfortable. Once you do your presence on Instagram will be far more entertaining than simple picture posts in your feed!

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Tell a story...and make it flow!

This one SHOULD NOT need to be mentioned, but even I need to remind myself periodically. Tell a story. Don’t just dump some random, cliche caption. “I’m so excited… “ or “I’ve been really busy so I haven’t posted a lot on social media”.... BORING. If you’ve heard it before, it’s cliche, so don’t write it. Go outside that thought. Why haven’t you been posting on social media? Start off by telling us that reason. I bet it makes for a more interesting caption and story than saying “I haven’t posted in awhile”. Don’t be one of those people that has a “cliche caption.” Also, think about how your viewers will see your story. Have you given them enough to piece together a cohesive story, or does it just appear random and confusing? Be strategic and plan your stories out a little bit ahead of time.

Be social, And Aggressive!

Ask questions and engage with others once you’ve posted. BE SOCIAL. That’s what Instagram is all about. If you just dump content and run it will be very difficult to grow a following and increase engagement. Also, Instagram's algorithm (yes that dreaded term) is not a fan of the dump and run style of posting, so you'll be shooting yourself in the foot!

The final option… outsource it and hire a professional

A lot of businesses don’t have time to market their businesses properly because they’re too busy wearing all the other hats in their biz! They have amazing websites and beautiful products, but they just don't know how to get the traffic to their page. This is why my husband and I began offering our services as digital marketing experts.

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My husband and I offer our services for people who want to attract new leads through the power of Facebook ads, create nurturing sales funnels and adapt killer social media strategies. We have a sales process and email campaign funnels to warm up your cold leads (people who have never heard of you before) and retargeting campaigns to convert them into warm leads (people who are going to purchase from you)

It takes 7 touch points of brand awareness before someone will buy from you

I have spent the last 16 years running my own businesses, and they have ranged from jewellery to marketing. I went to university for marketing management where I fell in love with the psychology behind marketing. With the power of digital marketing, I have worked with over 30 entrepreneurs and small business owners to grow their businesses. My husband, Tristan is the creative mind and copywriter, so we create killer Facebook ad copy and stellar emails for welcome series. As a copywriter Tristan loves taking great products or services and creating captivating content to engage with your market segments.

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