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How to Create a Customer Journey for Your Ads

The Customer Spectrum

When someone hops onto Google and begins typing in a phrase, they’re somewhere on the customer spectrum.

They might be right at the beginning, where they’ve identified a problem (the awareness stage), or they could be aware of solutions to their problem and are on the hunt to make a purchase (the decision stage).

So, why is this important? 

When you curate your ad campaign to your prospective customer’s journey, you can identify key touch points with your brand and the goals each person wants to achieve in each stage.

By mapping out your prospective customer’s journey, you’ll gain a wealth of info to create stronger campaigns. You’ll create an entire ecosystem to guide the customer through the buying process and make sure they feel safe doing business with you.

Let’s map it out quickly together!

Contrary to popular belief, we actually do this part backwards!


Let's say for example you have a high ticket offer that is $500, we can guesstimate based on industry standards that 3-4% of people who have never heard of you will convert and make that purchase through your sales funnel. So we start crunching the numbers for every 100 people we get on your email list or sales funnel, that means 3 will purchase your $500 which means you'll recieve $1500 in sales from paid ads (when you would have had $0). In order to figure out how much you need to spend on ads, we know that a good ads manager will get your email subscribers to cost between $2-$4 per email. This means for every 100 email subscribers on your list it will cost you about $300. SO one last step, that means out of the $1500 in sales that you made you have to minus the $300 in ad spend to get your profit which would be an extra $1200 in sales for every 100 people on your email list given industry standards.

Of course it's best if you know your own sales funnel conversion rate, as these are industry standards, your conversion rate might be higher or lower!

How much do you want to spend on your ads?

How many leads do they need at the top of their funnel to make a profit? This is where businesses should be running COLD AUDIENCE ad campaigns to bring those 100 people (given our example above) into your email list every single month. This is where you'll see a lot of lead magnets, freebies, or challenges being advertised through paid ads.


This is where you will run a retargeting ad to anyone that interacted with your lead magnet ad campaign. You'll want to retarget your email list with ads too. These are your WARM AUDIENCE ad campaigns. The copy and creative will be quite different from your TOF because these prospects have heard of you before.


This is where you want to be hitting them with marketing that will make them convert into buyers. This is where a lot of your testimonial ad campaigns and make a purchase, hard sell ad campaigns will come into play. The creative and copy will also be different from your MOF paid ads since this is the last chance to get them to purchase since they know your brand and are probably ready to have their problem solved so they'll purchase from you.

To sum it all up, combining your campaigns and your customer’s journey is all about serving the right message to the right person at the right time.

Once you’ve mapped out this journey, you’ll have a solid funnel and be able to avoid leaks.

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~ Hattie

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