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Five Things You Need To Know BEFORE You Hire An Ads Manager

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Before you spend money on paid campaigns and then think... “Ugh, they didn’t work,” ask these 5 questions to make sure they’re legit before working with them:

1 - What type of ROAS can I expect for my ads?

ROAS = Return on ad spend.

First, off, let's hope they know what a ROAS is! Most times ads mangers will strive for a ROAS of 3 or higher, meaning for every $1 you spend, you'll make back $3.

One of our students, Ali from Patchwork Maker, made a ROAS of 64 after taking our LIVE 5-Day Ads Class! For every $1 she put into advertising she made $64 back! That's the biggest ROAS I've ever seen!

For people who have already heard of your business (warm traffic), your ROAS should be higher. For people who haven't heard of you (cold traffic), sometimes breaking even is the goal of ROAS, meaning a 1 is perfect!

2 - Do they run look-alike audiences for ads?

Ask them about running to different audience. Make sure they ask about your ideal customer avatar. These are usually the best bang for your buck! Do they retarget your organic followers on Instagram?

3 - Do they help you create a strategy?

What about the graphics and copy? What exactly are they in charge of? Funstans takes care of all three! It's a very much DFY service. We want to make it easy for our clients (YOU) and take care of everything from the audiences, interests, creative, videos, graphics, copy & headlines.

When the ads work, you win and we win. I'm incredibly obsessed with getting clients the best results. I want your ads to be as successful as you do!

4 - Do they mention your pixel?

During our kickoff call, we usually go over if you have a pixel inside your website collecting data. If they don't even mention the FB pixel once on the call.... Run for the hills!

Running ads without custom conversions or without placing the FB pixel into your website is like trying driving a car without the engine.

5 - Do they talk about a follow up sequence?

If you don't have a solid email funnel or process, do they provide support for the follow up sequence? Your follow up sequence is JUST as important as the ad itself. It takes 7-13 touch points before someone purchases something these days. Ads are the beginning of the conversation, but not usually the SALE.

That's where the funnel and follow up sequences really make the magic happen. IF the ads manager doesn't mention follow up sequences... they're probably not the best fit for your business that wants to scale!

Your best bet is to always hire an Ads Strategist or DIY. Here’s how I can help. I have two offerings that help entrepreneurs up their ad game:

Ads In A Day (2 spots for December) and my 5-Day Virtual Classroom (Launching January 2021, get on the waitlist here).

Have questions about how they work? Leave a comment and ask me which one is right for you.

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