• Are you ready to scale your business, grow your email list and get more customers effortlessly?

    Have your past ads fell flat? Nada? CRICKETS?​
    Do you find paid ads as overwhelming and confusing as your Taxes?
    Stop wasting money on online ads that don't work!
    Join The Virtual 5-Day Ads Classroom for ambitious entrepreneurs!
    October 19th - October 23rd, 2020.


    What if you could have a Digital Ad strategist's eyes on your ads without the high ticket hiring cost?
    The 5-Day Classroom will teach exactly what you need to know about paid ads and have you launch your own ads by Friday!

    You know those shoes you googled that follow you around the internet?

    That's called a retargeting ad. Businesses who run them know:

    👉🏼 Boosting their post is a waste of money

    👉🏼 Using a FB Pixel is the secret to targeting visitors who will buy

    👉🏼 How knowing their audience's interests is KEY to successful ads (and how to figure this out)

    👉🏼How to split test (a/b) campaigns so they are only spending money where it gets results

    Go from overwhelmed too, "I got this" in just 5 days.

    The 5-Day Classroom will teach exactly what you need to know about paid ads as a maker or creative entrepreneur.


    No fluff.


    Just what works and what will serve your business moving forward.


    Plus - it's not just theory.

    Your daily sessions give you hands-on help from Hattie to set-up 2 new ads every creative entrepreneur should be running.

    Tiffany Sine | Copywriter


    Before taking this course I found Facebook Ads Manager confusing and difficult to navigate. I had done other pre-recorded trainings to launch a few basic ads, but never felt confident that I was doing it correctly.

    This 5-Day course changed that. Learning Hattie’s exact process for ads, with real examples from the students in the class, made everything super clear. Her pre-planning process is brilliant and something I had never seen before. It was so helpful to be able to ask questions in real time. She offered lots of ideas and strategies that were specific to the students in the course. Plus the homework sprints in the afternoon were a great opportunity to get 1-on-1 help.


    Hattie sincerely wants to help you succeed with your Facebook ads. The way she structures the material and delivers it live makes it SO much more valuable than any pre-recorded training. Plus her positivity and cheerful attitude make the classes a delight!


    If you are a small business or entrepreneur wanting to DIY your Facebook ads confidently, this course is for you. I wish I had found this first!

    The world has pivoted and changed in the last few months. Have you?

    Digital ads are the cheapest they've ever been in 5 years AND more eyeballs than ever are actively hanging out and consuming digital media on feeds. They are looking to purchase online.

    The problem? Your creative business has to get in front of them.

    The time is now. Time to invest in your business if...

    ✔️ Your leads have dried up and you really need to boost your sales

    ✔️ You know you should be utilizing paid ads to get the results you want

    ✔️ Hiring a Digital Ad strategist isn’t in the budget right now

    ✔️ You want a hands-on, custom approach with someone teaching you LIVE in person (on Zoom!)

    With only 15 spots available you won't want to miss out!

    Carissa | Copious Fashions


    "I have taken Hattie's course and both times it was like chatting with your SUPER knowledgeable best friend about how to use these platforms to your companies advantage. I love how she isn't constantly trying to push us to sell, her philosophy is always first to connect with your customers on a deeper [level]. I would highly recommend any of her courses."

    This Virtual 5-Day LIVE classroom has only 15 spots.

    --->It is limited on purpose.<---


    When you join, you get my years of expertise helping you with your business. I don't pass you off to my team, you get real-time help from me directly on your ads. Because helping you successfully market your business with paid ads is what matters.

    Not selling as many spots as possible like some other course creators.

    In this 5-day intensive, I’ll walk you through...

    ⭐️ Getting new customers on autopilot

    ⭐️ Setting up list building ads to people who have never heard of your business

    ⭐️ Creating retargeting ads to people who have visited a certain page on your website

    ⭐️ One-on-one help from your instructor and your community

    ⭐️ Strategic ads that will actually make your business grow

    Here’s what you get:

    ⭐️ One daily virtual FB ad lesson with live access to me - ask all of your questions in the moment

    ⭐️ One daily groupwork session to get your 'homework' done as a community on Zoom with access to your instructor and your groupmates for live feedback

    ⭐️ A Slack community with all the participants to bounce your ads off one another and get instant, honest feedback

  • Are you a creative entrepreneur who's dabbled in ads but haven't yielded results from paid ads?

    I'm offering this virtual 5-day Class to help creative entrepreneurs to have hands-on help from an ad strategist they normally wouldn't have the budget for.
    There are only 15 seats in the class with an investment of $597.

    Compared to courses that only teach from templates, this 5-day classroom has over 10 hours of live access to Hattie Dunstan, a paid ads expert.

    To hire Hattie from Funstans to work on your Marketing and ad strategy with your business, our rates start at $2100/month. But in this 5-day virtual classroom, you'll have a chance to workshop your FB ads with us for only $597.

    We’ve opted to keep the class size small, only 15 spots so that you’ll get exclusive access and feedback with Hattie.

    Sonja | Nurture Retreats


    "Hattie's actionable advice she gifted us with has transformed my relationship with social media - something I previously felt a bit overwhelmed by. What do I do? How often should I post? How do I connect with those I wish to connect with? Hattie offers answers to these questions and best of all teaches you all about the things you didn't know you didn't know.

    Each of these nuggets of wisdom is shared with her characteristic warmth, generosity and no-nonsense charm. She's not afraid to say what's not working, but does it with sensitivity and simultaneously gets you excited about where these small alterations to your feed can get you closer to representing your business like you truly want to."

    This 5 day classroom is for businesses who are:

    • Creative entrepreneurs
    • Non-techie entrepreneurs 
    • Have a product or service you're selling that's $20+
    • You own your own business

    Maria B. | Change Coach


    "I was confident having Hattie work on {ads manager} with my business and having her guide me in the right direction. I've felt so comfortable asking for feedback. It has been a really professional and mutually respectful relationship. I signed up for Facebook Ads to expand my business reach and increase my subscribers. Hattie is really setting me and setting my business up for success way beyond her role and what was in the project scope. Hattie is very clear, concise and timely. I always feel like I'm her only client, but I know that I'm not. It's pretty amazing to get that customer service. It's not just about Hattie getting a pay cheque at the end of the day. What I'm learning is helping me grow and scale my business in the long term. It's a short term investment but a long term gain. Hattie wants you to be successful at the end of the day. I've gotten way more then what I signed up for. It's been such a positive experience. She will over deliver what you expect!"

  • How it works

    October 19th - October 23rd, 2020Lessons and Homework Sprints


    Day 1

    Navigating Ads Manager

    9-10am Zoom Lesson

    4-5pm Homework Sprint


    Day 2

    Targeting customers!

    9-10am Zoom Lesson

    4-5pm Homework Sprint


    Day 3

    Write ads like a copywriter!

    9-10am Zoom Lesson

    4-5pm Homework Sprint


    Day 4

    Creating a list building ad!

    9-10am Zoom Lesson

    4-5pm Homework Sprint


    Day 5

    Creating a retargeting ad!

    9-10am Zoom Lesson

    4-5pm Homework Sprint

  • Meet your instructor!

    Hattie has been living and breathing the back end of ads manager for the last 3 years for high profile clients.
    She's been in Marketing since she was 21 years old. Hattie turns 33 this year!)

    Hattie is a digital Ad Strategist, Creator and Implementor.

    Hattie's heart was always broken when a creative entrepreneur wanted to grow their business but couldn't afford the high ticket cost of an ad strategist. This is where the Virtual 5-day FB ads Classroom was born.


    Hattie breaks down the overwhelm of the ads manager in easily digestible lessons each day. This class is perfect for the non-techie entrepreneur who wants to grow their business and expand beyond their friends, family, and word of mouth.


    Hattie has owned her own businesses since she was 15 years old and intuitively "gets marketing". She's a whiz at thinking on the fly and coming up with ideas from automated email funnels, video scripts for ads, to lead magnets that drive traffic to your site and grow your email list. Hattie is enthusiastic, driven and honestly just wants every business owner to succeed!

    Are you a solopreneur from an underrepresented group; Black, Indigenous or Person of Colour?


    I offer a free spot every classroom session


    Please email me and we'll get you a seat in the class!


    Want to help us offer more spots? Get in touch to donate!

  • The time is now.Invest in yourself. Invest in your business.

    Grab a seat today!Class is limited to 15 people!


    PLUS all the bonuses


    Three payments 30 days apart.

    • 5-day classroom
    • Slack community
    • Recorded live lessons
    • Live coaching calls with Hattie 1 and 2 weeks after class to optimize ads! ($350 value)
    • Plug in revenue sheet to figure out ad spend! ($50 value)
    • Ads policy cheat sheet ($100 value)
    • Breakdown PDF of how to read reports! ($250 value)
    • Email Automation Funnel templates ($250 value)
    • Marketing lingo roadmap ($75 value)



    and SAVE $150


    One time payment.

    • 5-day classroom
    • Slack community
    • Recorded live lessons
    • Live coaching calls with Hattie 1 and 2 weeks after class to optimize ads! ($350 value)
    • Plug in revenue sheet to figure out ad spend! ($50 value)
    • Ads policy cheat sheet ($100 value)
    • Breakdown PDF of how to read reports! ($250 value)
    • Email Automation Funnel templates ($250 value)
    • Marketing lingo roadmap ($75 value)


    add on for only $249


    One time payment.

    • Everything from the 5-day classroom PLUS
    • a 90-minute Borrow My Brain session with Hattie one month after ads class
    • Ads report analysis
    • Any other Q+A
    • You save $97!
  • ⬇️ Get in on the action when the class opens! ⬇️

    Only 15 seats available in the class!

    The Essentials Facebook Ad Training Class for Creative Entrepreneurs!

    The Essentials Facebook Ad Training Class for Creative Entrepreneurs!

    Nail Your Facebook Ads & Grow Your Business On Autopilot!
    The 5-Day Live Online Workshop Series That Teaches You To Create & Run Paid Facebook Ads Like a Boss
    Course: The Essential Facebook Ad Training Class For Creative Entrepreneurs

    Dates: Monday May 3rd, -7th, 2021
    Times: 12pm-1pm EST daily live ZOOM lesson
    4pm-5pmEST daily live ZOOM homework sprint
    Early Sign Up Bonus: Instant access to October's live classes to get started running ads right away
    Only 15 seats available! When they’re gone, they’re gone!
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