• 3 Day Lead Magnet Challenge

    Build a lead magnet over coffee with us!
    Introducing The Magnificent Lead Magnet Challenge!

    Create an EPIC lead magnet with us over THREE DAYS!

    Three days of learning, brainstorming AND creating in a private Facebook group. PLUS you'll receive a BONUS lead magnet template for canva valued at over $300 just for signing up!

    Don't miss out, sign up for the Magnificent Lead Magnet Challenge starting on Tuesday August 21st 2020. 


    Start creating your list building lead magnet!

    During the challenge you will learn:

    How to set up a lead magnet or freebie to grow your business and email list


    How to collect emails using an opt-in form on your website or landing page


    Why the Facebook pixel is SO important for landing pages that collect emails


    ⭐ How to generate $40 for every $1 spent on email marketing ⭐

    That's 4000% ROI - an amazing bang for your buck (and your time)!



    This challenge is for you if you want:

     To brainstorm ideas for your own business to collect emails to grow your email list


    Expertise knowledge with live training from ME inside the FB group


    To better understand what type of freebie your customers are interested in


    ✔ To understand the difference between creating a lead magnet haphazardly and creating a lead magnet with STRATEGY

    Writing, implementing and coming up with the design for a lead magnet takes time! Not to mention WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU ACTUALLY GOING TO CREATE FOR YOUR FREEBIE!?

    Let’s cut all that out. Let’s make it easy!


    Join me for 3 days from Tuesday July 21st - Thursday July 23rd, 2020 and create a lead magnet for your business!

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